Concrete Acid Staining

Many people want to spruce up the appearance of the exterior of their home property and are looking for an option for their driveways, walkways, or outdoor living areas. Concrete acid staining allows homeowners to achieve decorative effects that are beautiful and easily customizable. Concrete acid staining is an economical and highly versatile way of creating a space that is both upscale in appearance and long-lasting. Concrete acid staining can be applied to newly placed concrete or concrete that has been set for a long while. MD Residential LLC is proud to serve the North Atlanta Metro area with home contractor services, including our custom concrete acid staining services to produce fade-resistant, permanent color that will set your concrete surfaces off and add visual appeal to your property.

Combined Design Elements

One of the most appealing aspects of concrete is the ability to combine design elements with this versatile material. Concrete acid staining can easily be combined with concrete stamping to create the look of natural stone, brick, slate, or other materials in a more economical manner. Acid stains penetrate and have a chemical reaction with concrete, creating natural color variations that add character and unique mottling effects. Stain colors can also be combined in order to achieve an endless array of decorative effects and colors.

MD Residential LLC is your trusted source for concrete acid staining. Contact our office today to receive a free estimate on your concrete acid staining project.

Our design ideas include:

  • Multi-color application
  • Mimic the look of natural stone
  • Combine acid staining with concrete stamping
  • Set off your concrete area with a stained border in a contrasting color
  • Create the look of natural stone patterns
  • And more!