Making Sure Your Concrete Is In Good Shape For the Housing Market

Nov 07, 2018
Have you hear the buzz about the housing market? Everyone has his or her statistics and predictions for what will happen in the near future to the housing market. While all forecasts have the ability to change and be incorrect, some experts believe that by 2020 the United States will become a buyers market.

How To Tell If It’s Time To Repair Or Replace Your Driveway

Sep 11, 2018
Your driveway gets a lot of use everyday of the year. Not only do your cars depend on it to get in and out of the garage, but also you and your kids most likely enjoy bike rides, basketball games and the occasional hopscotch game chalked onto it. It’s an integral part of your home. For this reason, when something happens to your concrete driveway, it’s important to know whether you need to repair or replace it.

Are You Ready For National Relaxation Day, August 15th?

Aug 08, 2018
It’s crazy how many national holidays there are in our country. Just in the month of August we have days like National Creamsicle Day, National Lemon Meringue Pie Day, and National Tell a Joke Day. Those are just a few of the many days you may want to put on your calendar if you’re a fan of pies, jokes or creamsicles.

Creating A Space To Recreate

Jul 09, 2018
At MD Residential, we've noticed that the words "patio" and "porch" are sometimes used interchangeably. However, these two words are not synonymous.

Cleaning Your Concrete Dumpster Pad

Jun 08, 2018
MD Residential LLC offers excellent and durable dumpster pads in North Atlanta area. We are your trusted experts who can handle your dumpster concrete services. We will install your concrete dumpster pad to withstand the wear and tear that dumpster pad areas provide.

The Good And The Bad Kinds Of Concrete Staining

May 08, 2018
When discussing concrete staining it can be a conversation that can have both positive and negative discussion points depending upon how you’re looking at it. If the environment or other factors unwillingly stained your concrete, you probably have very negative emotions about staining. If you are considering the beautiful effect that a concrete stained surface could have on your home, you probably have very positive emotions about staining.

Getting Your House Ready To Sell This Spring?

Apr 05, 2018
April ushers in spring, and spring ushers in the height of the home-selling and home-buying season in most areas. Spring offers the prime conditions for the housing market. The warmer weather, extended daylight and the drive to get a new house before the next school calendar begins all are great reasons spring is a great time to buy or sell a house. There are more home buyers during the spring and summer.

Ever Considered A DIY Concrete Driveway? Don’t!

Mar 16, 2018
It seems like everything is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) lately. While it may be a “thing” among lots of projects, it does not mean that it is always the right “thing” to do in your particular case. Let’s take for example DIY tooth adjustments in an effort to save money on more expensive orthodontic options.

Your Concrete Canvas

Feb 07, 2018
Your concrete surfaces at your home provide you with a blank canvas that beckons for your creative touch to be added. MD Residential is your team of experts who can help you add a piece of creativity to your concrete project.