Concrete Sealing Services

Feb 27, 2020

Some people never give a thought to their concrete. If it is functional, it is okay. Well, it’s fine until cracks, stains, and uneven terrain occur.

Whether it is given much credit or not, concrete creates a focal point for the property. Concrete driveways create boundaries between homes; concrete pathways create walking spaces. Taking the time to seal concrete will help it last longer in both attractiveness and functionality.

Concrete sealing is a process that makes concrete more resistant to weather exposure, water, stains, and abrasion. Concrete sealing must be done right in order for it to do its job effectively. Many homeowners have wasted a lot of time, energy, and money attempting to seal their concrete with a DIY method only to have it end with unwanted results. MD Residential LLC is the name to trust in North Metro Atlanta. We provide excellent application so that your concrete will last and look beautiful for many years.

Concrete sealing follows a series of steps:

  1. Remove all stains, dirt, and dust from the concrete
  2. Strip any existing sealer from the concrete
  3. Apply an etching solution to “open up” the concrete
  4. Apply a thin coat of sealer
  5. Wait for the first application of sealer to dry
  6. Apply a second coat of sealer in the opposite direction
  7. Allow the sealer to fully dry before walking or driving on concrete 

At MD Residential LLC, we take the time to properly administer each necessary step in concrete sealing. We understand that how the process is done will have a considerable impact on the outcome and the longevity of your concrete. Contact us today for a free estimate. With our strong warranty on all services, you can feel confident that your satisfaction will be met.

Posted on behalf of MD Residential LLC