Consider Concrete Stamping for Your Landscape Project

Mar 20, 2020

Outdoor home projects are quite popular during this time of the year. While the weather is still chilly here in Georgia, now is the perfect time to think ahead toward warmer months. Enjoying a beautiful outdoor space is one way to take advantage of the Georgia weather during spring, summer, and fall. Many people are looking for an “upscale” appearance to home projects. They want to create a space that looks very nice without having to spend a large amount of money to achieve that look. One of the most economical ways to beautify an outdoor space is by having a concrete area stamped so that it replicates stonework.

Stamped concrete, often called imprinted or textured concrete, is a process used to replicate stones, such as flagstone, slate, tile, brick, and even wood. The variety of color options and patterns are endless, making it a popular choice to enhance a space without breaking the bank.

The process for creating a patterned and/or textured appearance in concrete is not a DIY project. While the process is relatively simple, it requires knowledge, material, and experience to create the result you want. Stamped concrete involves three procedures: the addition of a base color to the concrete before it is poured, the addition of an accent color, and stamping a pattern into the wet concrete after it is poured. Many people also choose to have a non-slip agent added to the concrete project to prevent a slippery finished surface.

At MD Residential, LLC, we know that concrete is the perfect canvas for adding stamped patterns. Replicating an expensive look without an expensive price tag is a huge benefit of using stamped concrete to your outdoor living space. With over thirty years of combined experience, MD Residential, LLC, is the name you can trust for your concrete stamping projects. We can help you create an ideal environment for the attractive value of your home. Contact us today to bring your concrete project to life!

Posted on behalf of MD Residential LLC