Driveway Drainage Problems

Apr 15, 2020

When you think of your home’s façade, you probably think about the exterior appearance of your home and your landscape. You most likely have a picture in mind of how your house sits on your property, how trees and plants set off your home, and the general “curb appeal” that you see from the road. However, another huge aspect of your home’s façade that is often overlooked is the driveway. Your driveway is a significant feature of your property. Not only does it allow you a means for approaching your home and entering your garage, but it is extremely important for water drainage. The adequate placement and slope of your garage are crucial to avoid flooding, water entering your garage or home, and standing water on your property.

Proper placement and slope of your garage are the most effective methods in combating driveway drainage problems. Experienced and knowledgeable home contractors know to avoid placing a driveway in a low-lying area, where water will typically flow during storms. A driveway should gently slope away from your home so that that water will flow away from your home’s structural foundation.

Problems occur when there is not enough knowledge, experience, or foresight when a driveway is installed. Georgia’s red clay is notorious for being difficult to build upon. The clay-based soil that is so prominent in Georgia does not absorb water as efficiently as sandy, loose soil. The way driveways provide drainage around a home’s foundation is super critical to the stability and safety of the home and its occupants. Moisture near the foundation can easily make its way into the house, where it can cause mold issues, structural problems, and untold financial distress. A driveway must be planned out and installed correctly to prevent stormwater from damaging a home.

MD Residential LLC provides home contractor services that solve drainage problems. We understand how the topography of your property impacts how water drains around your home. MD Residential LLC is the name to trust to solve drainage problems in order to re-establish and sustain the integrity of your home and property. Call us today.

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