Retaining Walls and Their Benefits

May 27, 2020

When it comes to retaining walls, many people do not know the reasons or benefits of having them in their yards. A lot of residential properties have retaining walls. These are landscape features that provide both practical and aesthetic elements. When building a new home, purchasing a home, or redesigning your landscape, it is critical to assess whether your property needs a retaining wall and what this feature can offer.

At MD Residential LLC, we can help you design or repair a retaining wall. Our concrete experts can give you the concrete solutions that will provide you with a functional and beautiful landscape feature. Whether you are in the middle of a home improvement project, building a new home, or repairing property that needs a lot of work, MD Residential LLC can help you make the most of your North Georgia property.

Retaining walls are specially designed structures that hold soil on one side and are free-standing on the other. Most retaining walls are built out of necessity rather than just an aesthetic focal point, yet retaining walls can still be attractive. When necessary, retaining walls are built to withstand the incredible weight of soil and water. Soil that is saturated with water is incredibly heavy, and it will apply an enormous amount of pressure to a retaining wall. Soil also contracts and expands as it gets wet and dries out, so retaining walls must be constructed to handle this give-and-take as well. While retaining walls can be made with many materials, concrete and modular blocks are the most popular choices because they are easy to work with, durable, and provide an attractive appearance.

As you build your home, upgrade your landscape, or make home renovations, be sure you include any necessary retaining walls to protect your investment. MD Residential provides excellent building and repair of retaining walls. We make sure your wall is composed of the proper materials, appropriately constructed, and repaired (when necessary) to withstand pressure and weather-impacted soil changes. Contact MD Residential LLC today. We are a licensed and insured home contractor service that serves North Metro Atlanta.

Posted on behalf of MD Residential LLC