Retaining Walls: Why They Matter

Mar 23, 2021

retaining wallRetaining walls are structures that home contractors have used for many years. If you start to look for them, you will notice that many of your neighbors have this unique landscape feature on their properties. Retaining walls are among the most common and practical design elements that can be added to any property's landscape. Georgia's red clay soil may look unique and somewhat charming, but it is also susceptible to freeze and thaw cycles that can play havoc with your property, causing soil erosion. At MD Residential, one of our specialties is the design, installation, and repair of strong and attractive retaining walls.

Retaining walls are outdoor structures installed on sloping landscapes to ensure that the ground remains safe. Soil erosion occurs on sloped areas as water running downhill will carry dirt and soil away. When rifts and gullies are washed out, the surrounding areas are structurally compromised. Homes that have a slope that runs alongside their home can face many problems with foundational damage. Retaining walls add strength and integrity to your home's property, and they can add a lot of value when done correctly.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

  • The primary function of a retaining wall is to keep soil in place and prevent run-off.
  • Water run-off control is a benefit of retaining walls because they direct rainwater where to go. The proper flow of rainwater away from your home is critical to ensure that your house remains structurally sound. This run-off control can also allow your landscape to utilize water.
  • Homes built on basements will have a slope on their properties. Some slopes are more drastic than others, and without a retaining wall, the landscape and home foundation can quickly erode. Retaining walls will not only add stability, but they can transform an otherwise unworkable area into an attractive and usable space.
  • Decorative and creative garden beds can be created from the installation of a retaining wall. Many people have the impression that a retaining wall is just a free-standing concrete wall that serves only one purpose: to hold back soil. However, there are many ways to utilize the area surrounding the retaining wall to create lush gardens, flower beds, and sitting areas.

At MD Residential, we know that a well-built concrete structure can last for decades. Our team of experts can help design and install a beautiful, lasting retaining wall that will benefit your home's property. Contact us today!

Posted on behalf of MD Residential LLC