Concrete Patios

When it comes to designing your backyard living space, let MD Residential help with our concrete services.  Whether adding a concrete, paver, flagstone, or stamped concrete patio, MD Residential can help you vision come to light. Want to add a seat wall, purgula, fireplace, or covered porch, or just take care of that drainage issue that's eroding your yard? No problem, call MD Residential LLC today.

A concrete patio can be a huge asset to your home. It provides a place to entertain, a place to relax, and a place to extend your home and provide more space for your family members. While wood patios have been a popular choice for many years, many homeowners are now seeing the value in concrete patios and the enhancement that they can provide to their residential properties.

Concrete patios have all of the appeal without the burden of maintenance that wood requires. With many decorative options available, concrete patios can be created to provide beautiful entertaining environments that can be combined with outdoor kitchens, fire places, seating areas, and water features. In the last few years, concrete patios have outnumbered wood patios for new construction. With more decorative options than ever before through concrete stamping and concrete staining, concrete patios provide beauty, extended space, and durability.

Added Appeal and Home Value

Concrete patios are very desired features for those looking to purchase a new home. Outdoor spaces that are well designed bring people out of their homes and into an environment that they can enjoy and share with others. Poured concrete is the most commonly used material in luxury-home construction because of the versatility that it provides for design elements. When concrete patios are combined with concrete stamping and staining, they can add appeal and value to any home.

Adding a concrete patio is an investment that will return its value – whether in terms of monetary gain when you sell or in terms of enjoyment while you live in your home. Concrete patios typically cost less than patios constructed of stone or brick because there is much less labor involved. However, you can still achieve the attractive appeal of natural looking materials through decorative enhancements without the cost.

MD Residential LLC is here to help you create a concrete patio that will add appeal and value to your home. Our expertise and experience will allow you to create an environment that will enhance your home and your experience. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation regarding our concrete patios.