Dumpster Pads

For excellent and durable dumpster pads in the North Atlanta Metro area, MD Residential LLC is the name to trust for concrete services. Concrete is the most optimal choice of material for dumpster pads because it is a hard-wearing material. Metal dumpsters and trash trucks exert a large amount of downward force on pavement, but because concrete is a rigid material in and of itself, it is not susceptible to dents and dimples in its surface.

At MD Residential LLC in Forsyth County, we are the experts at creating a long-lasting dumpster pad for your needs. We have the capability to create dumpster pads that are strong enough to hold up under the weight of heavy loads. If wire mesh and metal rebar are introduced into the dumpster pad, it will create an extremely strong pad that will hold up much longer than those made from asphalt. It is also important to note that dump trucks are notoriously known for their leaks due to the heavy strain on their hydraulic systems. Unlike asphalt, oil does not adversely affect concrete and will not soften the slab.

Dumpster Pad Experts

MD Residential LLC is your expert in dumpster pad installation or expansion. We have the knowledge and experience to provide superior quality in dumpster pads. We will take into consideration the location and design to ensure proper specifications necessary to support the weight of the garbage trucks and the dumpster with contents. The areas where dumpsters are located take an enormous amount of beating with each use. MD Residential will provide a dumpster pad that is reinforced for strength and durability. Our concrete dumpster pads are proven to hold up under conditions. Contact us today for more information about dumpster pads or to receive an estimate.